About AGAI

Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators

AGAI is a Montana Not For Profit Corporation organized as a 501C5 in 2004.

Dues and contributions paid to AGAI may be tax deductible as a membership in a trade or business association.

AGAI Directors

Walt Sales

Term ends 12/20

Andrea Wass

Vice President
Term ends 12/22

Susan Duncan

Term ends 12/21

Kathryn Kelly

Term ends 12/20

Curtis Dykstra

Term ends 12/22

Bill Lee

Term ends 12/22

Jason Burkenpas

Term ends 12/21

Doug Braaksma

Term ends 12/21

Kurtis Dykema

Term ends 12/21

Mark Kimm

Term ends 11/22

Board Advisors

Krista Lee Evans

Government Affairs,
Blake Creek Project Mgmt

Dave Weaver

Legal Counsel

George Alberda

West Gallatin Water Comm.