About AGAI

Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators

AGAI is a Montana Not For Profit Corporation organized as a 501C5 in 2004.

Dues and contributions paid to AGAI may be tax deductible as a membership in a trade or business association.

AGAI Directors

Ilene Casey


Kathryn Kelly


Sue Duncan

Doug Braaksma

Walt Sales

  • Al Lien
  • Dan Triemstra
  • John Hunziker

AGAI Directors are currently…

  • Working to protect historically decreed water rights.
  • Working to stay current on local issues regarding development (e.g., ditch easements, ponds, and groundwater development).
  • Tracking, monitoring, and actively involved (where appropriate) with legislative & administrative proceedings.
  • Working to enhance/improve water conservation, “in stream” flows, and fish habitat.
  • Working on stewardship issues, weeds, erosion, and water quality.
  • Identifying and working to resolve critical irrigation/canal issues.

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