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AGAI membership has many benefits. Add your voice to the discussion about water rights in the Gallatin Valley and in Montana.  Do you want to be able to protect your water rights now and in the future? Join AGAI and support a balanced approach to protecting your property rights.

Benefits of AGAI Membership

AGAI is a Montana Not For Profit Corporation organized as a 501 C5. Dues and contributions paid to AGAI may be tax deductible as a membership in a trade or business association, however, the deductible amount is directly related to the amount AGAI spends on lobbying activities.


We believe in the doctrine of prior appropriation: first in time, first in right.  We carefully monitor all legislation pertaining to water to make sure that your historically decreed water rights remain your property.


By joining the Association of Gallatin Agricultural Irrigators, you are joining a community of irrigators.  Each farm and ranch in the valley has unique aspects.  We benefit from knowing each other, from having conversations, and from participating in the larger community.  Working together we can find solutions that benefit us all as we tackle the pressures of development, the potential changes in law, and the hard work of managing our ditches.  We invite you to join our community.


The Association was formed in 2004 to be a cost-effective and efficient way to object to and influence legislation in Helena.  Instead of each ditch fighting the same fights alone, we join together as a single, stronger force to advocate for right action in water law.   Our brand is known and understood in the community.   Bring your voice into the conversation, bring your voice to AGAI.  We are our own membership.

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Benefits of sponsorship include advertising and promotional opportunities.  If you would like to be an AGAI sponsor, please the button below and we will contact you.  We look forward to partnering with your organization so that we can all be stronger.

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